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Admission Process

The admission process at B S Memorial P.G. College is as follows:


Admissions are given subject to fulfilment of Admission Criteria and availability of seats, without any reference to caste, creed, class, gender or political inclination.

Admission to B S Memorial P.G. College is a privilege and not a right. Rights of admission are reserved with the school management and school management can accept or reject any admission without assigning any reason.


  •      Read the complete prospectus and other details carefully.
  •      Affix and attach the necessary documents as given below with the application for admission form.
  •      Admission Process - There are three stages of the admission process.
  •      Obtaining application for admission form.
  •      Registering your child for test / interaction and performance of the child in Test / interaction.
  •      Paying of the Fees as stipulated and submitting the required documents in original.

Documents Requires


  •  Original Birth Certificate of the student as issued by the Village, Municipal or Government Authorities or by   the Head of Nursing Home or Hospital, or
  •  Original school leaving certificate
  •  Photocopy of Progress / Report Card.
  •  Four Passport size colour photographs of the child.
  •  Health information certificate on the accompanying form supplied by the school.

       Kindly provide complete communication details such as residence and office phone numbers, cell phone / pager number, etc. Also provide two alternate phone numbers / cell phone / pager number of two of your friends / relatives, etc. Please remember that these communication details are important in order to establish contact with you in case of emergency. This information is kept confidential.


Selection Process


  •  Interaction - For admission to Pre-primary section (Nursery, Jr. KG and Sr. KG) there is no test. There will be   an interaction with the child. Observations recorded during interaction with the child will form the basis for   acceptance of admission by the College.
  •  Test - Students seeking admission to Primary section will be given a written examination. The decision of   admission to primary section will be made on the basis of performance in written examination. These tests   are planned so as to keep the anxiety and stress at the minimal. The testing procedure adapted shall be   suitable to age of the child and his / her previous schooling.
  •  Register your child for test / interaction, by completing the application for admission form in all respects,   paying the registration fees and attaching the photocopies of all the relevant documents listed in documents   section. The Registration fee is  200/- (Two Hundred only), which is non-refundable.
  •   On registration, a test / interaction will be held at a suitable date.
  •   Immediately after the test / interaction, parents will be conveyed the admission decision.
  •   The admission decision of Subbed School will be final and binding on the parents.

Admission Confirmation


Admission to B S Memorial P.G.  College will be confirmed only after:


  •   Paying the stipulated fees, i.e. Deposit, Admission Fees and other fees as mentioned within the specified       time period.
  •   Completion of required documents as listed in documents section (In case Transfer Certificate cannot be     produced at the time of admission, it should be submitted latest before the school starts).

Parents / Guardians will have to sign Admission Acceptance Form, which shall confirm their financial commitments to school, declaration that they themselves and their Child will adhere to the rules and regulations of the school in force from time to time and that the school will not be liable for any damages, or charges on account of injuries sustained by the child during his / her stay at the school.









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